The wines

Located along the upper part of the Lalande de Pomerol appellation area, the vineyard covers a total area of 14 hectares, running from North to South.

The varietal range is Merlot-dominant (64%), combined with Cabernet franc (18%) and Cabernet-Sauvignon (18%). It is a perfect match for the ancient gravel and sandy soils layered over a clay and iron-oxide-rich subsoil.

By the time they enter the marketplace, the wines – Château Grand Ormeau’s Grand Vin and its Second Vin, labelled Cuvée Chevalier – have undergone a strict selection process and been the object of constant attention.

The avowed aim is clearly to produce one of the appellation’s finest wines, if not the finest.

Like all fine wines in their youth, Lalande de Pomerol needs to be aired before drinking so that it fully expresses itself.

To fully savour their mouth-filling, accomplished qualities requires time.

Lalande de Pomerol can then reveal its harmony, balance and complexity to the fullest with charm and pride.

They are excellent food-friendly wines pairing with red meats, game and characterful cheeses.

Château Grand Ormeau

Vineyard area: 9 ha

Geology: A selection of soils with characteristic gravel on the surface and a clay sub-soil

Varietal range: Merlot 70 %, Cabernet Franc 15 % et Cabernet Sauvignon 15%
Vine age: Over 20 years old
Vineyard management: Single Guyot pruning. Cluster thinning mid-veraison to produce yields of 45 hl/ha

Grape harvest: Hand picking followed by thorough sorting
Winemaking: In temperature-controlled stainless steel and wooden tanks with an average vatting time of 3 weeks. Some of the wines undergo malolactic fermentation in casks. The others stay in tanks until being transferred to casks.
Ageing: from 13 to 16 months in barrels depending on the vintage. The wines are matured in French oak barrels, with 30% new casks renewed annually.

The wines are lightly filtered before bottling.



Château Grand Ormeau “Cuvée Chevalier”

Vineyard area: 3 ha

Cuvée Chevalier is Château Grand Ormeau’s second wine

The vines are managed in the same way, to the same high standards.

The wine is made from grapes grown on young vines using the same winemaking techniques as for the Grand Vin.

The ageing process is designed to promote fruit expression with velvety, harmonious tannins.

The amount produced can vary from one vintage to the next depending on the quality of the Grand Vin.